Buying Reindeer Products

There are good reasons to buy reindeer products, especially ones that are harvested sustainably by indigenous herders. It creates a market, which they desperately need in order to survive. The world is not what it used to be, and it never will be that world again. Reindeer herders have to adapt to the modern world and find ways to sustain their herding economically, and our creation of a market is part of that. Reindeer hides especially are an important source of money for Saami reindeer herders.

Reindeer Hides

An amazing variety of animal hides (including reindeer), as well as an assortment of other animal parts, crafts and gifts. Located in New York, but ships internationally.
Arctic Hides
Finnish reindeer hides. Delivery in the UK.
Te-Ri Products
Canadian company selling reindeer hides and antlers, as well as Finnish drums, knives, and crafts. No online ordering - you must contact them for a price list.
Pokka Reindeer Hides
Wholesaler of reindeer hides in Rovaniemi, Finland.

Crafts in Horn & Leather

Petteri Laiki

An Inari Saami in Finland who makes traditional Saami crafts and jewelry from reindeer antlers, bone and skin, as well as wood and metal. No online ordering - phone only.
Ultima Thule Finland-Lapland Collection
Ultima Thule primarily sells outdoorsman supplies, but their "Finland-Lapland Collection" contains reindeer-leather wallets, odd utensils with reindeer horn handles, and reindeer hides, as well as traditional birch burl cups. They ship within the UK, and will ship internationally by special request. Their English site does not include their full catalog, but the overwhelming majority of the products not included are modern camping, hunting, and fishing gear. If you want to browse the Finnish catalog, you might want to start with Turkistuotteet, Kukasat ja Puutuotteet, Poronnahka-Lompakot, or Sarvituotteet.

Reindeer Products from Sweden

American Reindeer Crafts from LiveReindeer

Reindeer Meat

We also suggest that people order reindeer meat for specialty dinners (or offerings to northern ancestors or ancestral spirits?). Reindeer meat in the US generally comes from Alaska.

Preserved Mail-Order Sausage And Jerky With Reindeer Meat
Mail-Order Reindeer Meat