Visiting Circumpolar Eurasia

Respectful tourism is helpful to the Reindeer Peoples because it employs them, brings them money, and gets their existence, their culture, and their predicaments known first-hand to the rest of the world. These organizations range from standard travel agencies who specialize in this area to non-profits that work directly with the natives and do selective tourism along with their other human-service programs.

A traditional Saami village that does reindeer tours.
A UK-based travel agency listing of cultural tours worldwide which benefit local people and the environment. Check out the sections for cultural tours in Finland and Norway, and their listing of Winter Holidays.
Travel to Chukotka
Meeting the Yupik and Chukchi people in northeastern Siberia.
Boojum Expeditions
Website also has volunteer options for teaching positions in "ger schools", and "wolf hunts" for the overgrowth of wolves that are taking out the reindeer herds; check the sidebars for their interesting programs.
Tsaatan Community and Visitors Center
Works with the Tsaatan people to provide local tours through their organizations.
Horseback Riding Tour in Mongolia
...with a review of the tour
Absolute Siberia
Offering ethnographic, cultural, and ecological tours of Siberia, as well as adventure sports tours.